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Style: Rock/indie


Ezra guitarist
Andy Guitarist
Rey Bassist
Thaory Vocalist
John Drums


Record our musics
Make a website + myspace
Preparing for photoshoot
Waiting for an answer for, Jrock concert at otakuthon 2009.
After answer, prepare song list and start practicing.
Seeking show to do.
Working on the teamwork and organisation.

Clothes: ourselves
Photos: Ange_jedudsor took our first photoshoot but we're gonna change for another one that is more professional.
Web design: ourselves
Photo arrangment: ourselves


Disorder is a band from Montreal/Laval (Quebec, Canada) that has five members which are: Ezra: Guitarist Andy: Guitarist Thaory: Vocalist Sam: Bassist John: Drum It sort of began back in 2005. At the time, Disorder was just an idea, an ambition.
Andy was playing guitar back then, fueled by metal and Thai rock. Ezra and him are longtime friends. Ezra, also into music, was more into Techno and Electronic music. Andy showed him "The $ocial Riot Machine$" and got Ezra completely hooked. He then showed guitar to Ezra, which later on began praticing.

They were jamming to different songs, Trivium to Dir en grey.
With time, they began to have more interest into J-Rock music. Then the idea of starting a band started. Andy talked to Ezra about the band idea and told him that he knew a guy who's also into the J-Rock scene.

Enter the Sam...
Sam and Andy met each other through YouTube. Andy saw a video of his (search: blitzsam) doing a cover of Akuro no Oka. Andy immediately recognized Sam as a guy he saw often as school. Then they started talking and getting to know each other. Andy talked to Sam about the band too, as Sam was also looking for members. At first, Sam, also a huge fan of Miyavi's playing, is a guitarist but all the guitar positions was filled up. Later on, Sam made a sacrificed and took up his father's bass to fill up as a bassist. First audition with him, he nailed it. And the session ended with pizza delivery.

Some months later, Ezra's cousin, Megan, have a friend who's a drummer. That's when we came across Daniel. Daniel was an amazing drummer and was active with the band for times. Sadly, he left the band because he was moving.

Sam, Ezra and Andy spent a lot of times looking for a vocalist and drummer. It was hard looking for a determined one. We came across lots of vocalists but stoped to one, Kim Teng.
We met Kim through her friend, Laurianne, whom we auditioned and rejected. Laurianne is a good friend with Kim and they're in the same choral. We auditonned Kim, with Laurianne present at the time, and she did great. We were actualy satisfied with a female vocalist and she is determined.

The last member and important one, is Jonathan.
Ezra and John met each other through Kijiji. At the time, the band was struggling to find a drummer. First time we jammed with John (which Andy and Kim were absent), he simply blew everything away. We never came across a drummer that awesome. John, fueled by metal, hardcore and punk, easily fitted in the band.
At the time, we were praticing hard as we were invited as Special Guests at the Otakuthon 2008 which was our first one-man, festival show ever.

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Age : 29
style : Disorder
Titre : whole band
Localisation : Montreal
Date d'inscription : 02/08/2008

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